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rusa RUSA is a centrally sponsored scheme of Ministry of Human Resource Development, launched on 3rd Oct 2013 in the country, aims to ensure holistic planning at the State level with a focus to address issues of equity, access and quality in higher education and providing strategic funding to the State higher education institutions. The objective of the scheme is to improve overall quality of the State institutions ; to usher transformative reforms in the State higher education system and to create a better enabling atmosphere in the educational institutions for carrying out quality research and innovations ; to provide greater autonomy to universities as well as colleges and have a focus on equity based development and improvement in teaching, learning ,quality and research and rectify the weakness in the higher education system with the focus to raise the target group enrolment ratio in higher educational institutions in the State.

Journey Made so far...

  • The implementation of RUSA in Jammu and Kashmir started from 2014-15. The scheme is underway through State Project Directorate of RUSA, under the overall guidance and supervision of State Higher Education Council –which is responsible for planned and coordinated development of Higher education in the State -- and Department Of Higher Education, funded by MHRD/State through Higher Education Department.

  • The State Government conveyed its willingness to participate in the scheme on 25th of Oct. 2013.

  • The State government constituted State Higher Education Council (SHEC) vide Government order number 1753-GAD of 2013 dated 27-12-2013, the Hon’ble Chief Minister is its chairman and Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education as vice chairman and chief sectary as member besides other members of the SHEC including the academicians.

  • The State Project Directorate (Mission Directorate) under RUSA was created by the State cabinet vide decision no 101/08/2014 Dated 11/06/2014 issued under No 304 HE of 2014 dated 13/06/2014 with the creation of 43 posts as man power under RUSA in various categories, out of which 15 posts have been filled up so far by the Government.

  • The State Cabinet also approved creation of Technical Support Group (TSG) comprising of 6 posts of 2 categories viz Programmer (02 posts) & Data operators (04 posts), which has been established.

  • The SHEC projected State Higher Education Plan (SHEP) for an amount of Rs 958.81 lacs under different components and then prioritized the plan to the extent of Rs 784.81 crore for all components. The Project Approval Board (PAB), in its 3rd meeting held on 13th May 2014, approved an allocation of Rs 269.01 crore for six components as Total Outlay for three years of 12th five year plan. Rs 118.14 crores have been approved for the year 2014-15 under six components of the scheme.